Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wonderful Woman Wednesday: Clean House Edition

It is Wonderful Woman Wednesday again!  Congrats you made it to the middle of the week again!  Last week's blog was all about taking a break from being amazing.  This week is about getting the house clean during the week so that you can take it easy on the weekend.  We usually end up with multiple activities on Saturdays.  By the time Sunday rolls around, I am in no mood to clean my house top to bottom.  Half the time I am doing good to get off the couch!  About 18 months ago, we put a cleaning schedule into place.  Now it has changed and been tweaked over the past year but it works.  Each day has one big task (like vacuuming) and several small tasks (like someone's laundry, clean room, dishes, take out trash, etc).  The kids know when they come in from school, they can look at the fridge and tell what chores need to be done.  It's on the fridge because that is the easiest spot and the ONE place everyone looks!
This is what our weekly schedule looks like.  Yes, it's color coded by day (I tend to have a TAD BIT of OCD at times).   And yes, we vacuum 3x a week... we live in the country and tend to collect a lot of dirt!  The beautiful part is everyone has to pitch in!!  I am no longer the only one doing everything!!  Once you get a schedule going, it's a piece of cake.  Now don't get the idea that we stick to this every week of the year.  We have those weeks when we are never at home due to sporting events and school activities.  But we do our best to stick to it as much as possible.  By the time the weekend gets here, I only have sheets and a load of towels to watch.  It's awesome!!

Now put one into place so that come Sunday afternoon, you can sit in a bath listening only to your thoughts (since you will have locked the bathroom door to keep the little ones out!)  Take the earbuds too so that you can drown out their "MOM!!!" cries:)

Hugs ya'll,

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