Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Beginning

I thought I would use the first post to let you know a little about me, the Lone Star Ginger.  Obviously, I am a redhead from the great of state of Texas.  But I am also a speech therapist who works with little ones.  I'm a mom to 2 great kids who play sports pretty much year round!  Then there's my wonderful hubs who is a perfectionist and not afraid to tell me when one of my products looks like crap!  I have dabbled in jewelry making for several years now.  I love it!  I love playing with colors, the imperfections of hand stamping, and the look on customers' faces when they get their jewelry.  I really love making necklaces for my daughter, who doesn't wear anything I make her (note the extreme sarcasm here).  That's another thing about me...I have a healthy dose of sarcasm that I am proud of.
Now on to why I started this blog and what I plan for it to feature.  I thought it would be fun to promote the jewelry and other accessories.  There are usually stories or experiences behind each piece.  Some are funny, some are not but there's still a reason for each piece.  My plan is to blog once a day (yea, I know...ambitious) giving each day it's own special title.

Lazy Southern Sunday: could really be anything that I find relaxing
Make up Monday:  fun beauty tips either that are for gingers, sweat proof, humidity proof ( cause let's face it, in Texas summers we deal with LOTS of heat and humidity) or just really interesting
Texas Tuesday: this blog could feature a small Texas business, vacation spot, fun restaurant or interesting fact.
Wonderful Woman Wednesday: feature a woman every week who does amazing things!  Whether you're a stay at home mom, working mom,or single mom, you are amazing!
Thirsty Thursday: self-explanatory...starting the weekend early!
Fashion Friday: fashion tips showcasing LSGB originals! 
LSG Saturday:  showcasing new pieces and the story behind them.

While I hope everyone enjoys the blog, I know that is unrealistic.  So like I was raised: if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Hugs ya'll 
Lone Star Ginger

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