Sunday, April 6, 2014

Make up Monday-Pretty Little Nails

Sorry, I have not been posting much lately!!  I hope everyone is enjoying the school shopping that comes with this time of year.  My manicure pins on Pinterest are getting repinned like crazy so I thought I would repost my very first Make Up Monday blog post!!

Ok so I am starting off easy with nail polish but... I LOVE nail polish!  I mostly paint my toe nails since I am a slowly recovering nail biter.  I am not super picky about brands. I mostly choose my nail polish by it's name (yea, I immature but that's me!).   I mostly love OPI (especially the Texas edition that came out a few years ago!).

I love to get manicures but I seldom have the attention span to sit long enough at the salon.  So how do you get the perfect manicure at home?  
1.  Scrub your nails clean with nail brush.  I read somewhere that if you clean your nails with vinegar, the polish goes on smoother and lasts longer. For the sake of research purposes,I will give it a try tonight.  
2.  Clip, file, shape your nails to your liking.  If you have a buffer, buff those nails beautiful and smooth (but wash your nails again!).  I do not like messing with my cuticles so the most I do is moisturize them.  If they are crazy, then I go to the salon.
3.  Apply a basecoat.  This protects the nail.  I have a lime green nail polish that stains my nails if there is no basecoat.
4.  Now the fun part!  Apply the nail polish starting in the middle and working to the sides.
5.  Apply your topcoat.  I have one that dries that paint fast.  You could also dip your nails in super cold water for 3 minutes to dry them... but "ain't nobody got time for that!"
6.  Clean up your mess-ups.  Unless you are a professional, at least one of your hands looks like a toddler painted your nails.  So dip a ultra thin paintbrush or Q-tip into polish remover to clean the mistakes up.

Now that we have established 1.  there is no such thing as polish addiction  and 2.  how to do at home manicures GET BUSY DOING YOUR NAILS!! I would post a picture of mine but they are not painted at the moment.  I was going to do it last night after the detox bath but no...I went to bed!
Hugs ya'll,

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