Monday, April 28, 2014

Make up Monday-The Big Easy

No, I did not venture off to New Orleans for the week.  I am working  and ready for the weekend just like everyone else.  Let me also clear up that I am not paid by Benefit or Sephora to write this blog today (even though that would be nice). This is just a product that I have fallen in love with!

Now that we have all that out of the way, we can get started.  I have only been using this product for about 2 weeks now.   I had been using another foundation that was heavy but it added color to my ghostly pale skin and evened my skin tone out.  I started using it when I did some "Old Hollywood Glam" photos a couple of years ago.  It gave my skin that 1940's flawless look that I was going for.  However, come summertime, I found out just how heavy it was.  Like putting a thousand tiny pillows over my pores is probably the best way to put it. Suffocating! But like most good foundations, it cost me $30 and lasted 8 months (because you only needed a little bit).  So I stuck with it to the last drop. When I ran out, I thought now was my chance to try something else out that was lighter.  I had used the Benefit line several years ago and when I ran out, for some strange reason I didn't buy anymore.  Most likely because I was in graduate school and who has money for make up in graduate school?! I bought the new foundation from their line called "The Big Easy."  Now I am not going to lie; the name caught my attention and it sounded like fun.  Here's the best part-it's a foundation that acts more like a powder!! It's light and breathable (if that is a word?) which is perfect for the HUMID Texas summers.  It goes on like a foundation but finishes like a smooth powder.  So soft!!  Here's another perk (especially for redheads and other pale skinned friends): IT HAS A SUNSCREEN BUILT IN!!  SPF 35!!!  Now it's no SPF 1,005 like I usually use.  But I gravitate to anything that has sunscreen in it! So if you go make up shopping anytime soon or are wanting to try something else out, this is definitely one to try!

Hugs ya'll

**DIsclaimer:  I am in no way compensated by Sephora or Benefit for the writing about this product.**

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