Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lone Star Saturday- Hand Stamped Jewelry

I started last summer hand stamping jewelry.  It was a nice change from the big necklaces I usually make.  However, definitely more challenging!  My first piece was a necklace for my little sister on her wedding day.  I have done several personalized pieces since then.  But when I started Lone Star Ginger, I wanted to be different than all these other ones and their "blessed mommy" charms.  Don't get me wrong-  they are cute!  I wanted to be different.  I wanted to be a little edgier.  What better way to be different than to make Lone Star mama/Ginger/ hottie/ honey/ whatever you want?!  Moms and Texans  have one thing in common-PRIDE!  Moms love their kids and Texans love their state.  Why not combine the two?!  It is still unique and each one is especially handmade for the customer.  

  But I am also a proud redhead so this charm was born: 

I like the uniqueness and imperfections of each one.  I enjoy watching the personality that each charm takes on.  Maybe it's the Texas attitude that the charms take on.  Of course, I can always make fun charms using other states:). If you want a necklace that's a little different from everyone else, ask the Lone Star Ginger! 

Hugs ya'll,

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