Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites-My Favorite Blogs...right now!

I would consider myself still a rookie at this whole blogging thing.  I have only be doing this about a year and not consistently at that.  Things get in the way like kids and the husband, a clean house, work, and maybe a much needed nap or two.  I follow a lot of blogs and most of them make me feel like a complete blog failure.  They post everyday with a collection of awesomeness.  But that's ok because I found bloggers like myself that I read more than those "big time awesomeness posters".  These make me realize that I am not the only one out there balancing a blog and life.  Their blogs are spewing with  awesome ideas/tips.  But they are REAL!  So here are some my favorite bloggers right now that "bring it" when they post.

Boyd Meets Girl is written by a sweet friend of mine who is also a speech pathologist like me!  She is a fellow Longhorn lover who moved to the windy city a few years ago.  Thankfully, she will be moving back this way soon!  Tara writes about all sorts of great mom topics.  I like her blog because she is real.  There's no sugar coating the mommy life of 2 little ones.  Make sure to check her out!!

Lonestar Lauren is definitely one to follow if you are interested in traveling...especially Texas.  I am kind of jealous of her and her carefree weekends.  She shares beautiful pictures of her travels as well as fashion.  I don't know Lauren personally but she's from Texas.  What's not to love about her and her blog?!

Hearts and Sharts is just lovable starting at the name.  Dena's a little bit cute and a little unexpected.  I met her before she moved from Texas.  She is fabulous with renovating furniture and can sew just about anything.  I bought a couple of chairs and pillows a few years ago.  She does custom throw pillows with people's faces!  (Mom would love a pillow with your face wouldn't she?!)  You definitely need to check out her latest projects.  I have this chair and pillow!!  Seriously, a deer with favorite ever throw pillow!

Those are just a few of my favorite bloggers.  They are all from Texas so they are alright in my book!  Got to love a good Texas blogging woman!

Happy Friday y'all!

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