Friday, April 25, 2014

Fashion Friday-Going out to Dinner!!

Today's Fashion Friday is brought to you by my momma's birthday!!
We are going out to dinner at a local steakhouse (cause that's what we country people call them).  They have two rules: No T-Shirts and NO FLIP FLOPS are allowed!  WHAT??!!  So that means I have to dig deeper into the closet!  Usually when I do that, I also feel the need to make new jewelry to go with said 'fancy' outfit.  Typical spring foot attire for me is flips flops or converse sneakers.  But flip flops are frowned upon and converse are just not fancy enough.  There, sitting in my closet all the way at the back, are my favorite cowboy boots!  Problem solved!

We are half way through the blog and I forgot to mention the maxi skirt that I made with the intention of wearing tonight.  I used some of my favorite fabric last night and whipped that baby out in less than 30 minutes (with semi straight stitches; I had a glass of wine while sewing).  I was so proud of myself!  I went to try it on and butt apparently grew 3 sizes in that 30 minutes it took me to sew that skirt!  Pretty sure I heard  threads popping out of their seams!  SERIOUSLY!

This would be the event that put me in  the back of the closet (with a box of cookies) to look for an outfit.  I paired some new earrings (made by me) and my Shiner cuff (that continues to be a work in progress) with a dressy black top and a good pair of jeans.

Here's the earrings.  
Yes my daughter, Red, photo bombed the picture.   The Shiner cuff will be featured on an upcoming blog.  Sorry I didn't get a complete outfit picture.  I just really wanted to show off these earrings that will be added to the Etsy store.  

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